Xender For PC Free Download To Transfer Files (3 ways to Download Xender For PC)

Xender For PC Free Download

Xender files sharing app brought to an end to many problems encountered when transferring files from one device to another. Especially when it is a large file. It has helped to shorten the time it takes to send and receive the large size of files. It was released for Android and Windows devices and now we have xender for pc free download.

A couple of times before I discovered How to Download Xender for PC, I have really found it problematic to get maybe a nice song or video on my friend’s playlist due to the large size of the of the data most times. Now, with Xender download for PC enabled I can get any file I like on PC without any waste of time or draining of battery.

So, I am taking you through the simple steps I used to download Xender for PC on a computer. It is very simple and anyone can do it, it is free as well without any hidden charges of any kind. Though there are other similar Apps like ShareiT, 4Shared and so on.

Xender For PC Free Download Guide

  • You can use this method to install Xender for PC on any windows computer, so you can actually have your Xender for PC on windows 7, 8, 10 free downloads.
  • Hence, you need to get on your PC to download xender for pc app on windows 7/8/XP.
  • Download and install Bluestacks Android emulator on your PC.
  • After the installation, launch the Bluestacks app on your PC, use the search to find Xender App download and install it on your PC.
  • With that done, you have Xender App live and active on your computer, so click on it to open. You can start using your Xender to send and receive files on PC.

Download xender for PC Without Bluestacks or Andriod Emulator

  • Get Xender for PC online web or desktop app. With the latest version of Xender on your phone, connect all devices on one single active WiFi connection.
  • Open your Xender App, tap the green send icon below the menu screen. After tapping the green icon, there will be a prompt asking if you would like to connect with PC. Click on PC.
  • Thereafter, the app will run a scan to find PC. Immediately it detects a PC, it will display the IP address of the PC and will then pop prompts again, asking for your permission to connect.
  • Launch the browser on your PC, enter the IP address of your PC on the browser search bar, allow your phone to connect to your PC.
  • With that done, you can view your Xender interface on your PC, transfer and receive files hitch free.

Xender Web For PC Download

Probably all the methods I outlined above might not really interest you, so here is another simple method, the latest implemented on Xender for PC.

It allows users to connect to Xender through mobile phones and PC. This feature is the Xender web, a version of Xender that is supported on PC that you can download.

  • To download Xender Web, logon to http://web.xender.com/
  • Once you get the app, open it.
  • You will see a prompt for you to connect with PC, follow it accurately to get Xender for PC free. And it works perfectly well with your smartphones.

I hope this is helpful? Feel free to use the comment box below for your questions and contributions onĀ Xender For PC Free Download To Transfer Files (3 ways to Download Xender For PC).