1. I entered on this hitwe program uninspected

    • Tomas, that’s not a problem you can still delete your account using the procedures already stated above.

  2. why are you people giving sooooo much stress when I want to deactivate my account and the account is not working,I can’t even reply messages because it is not working, why for sure why ? It is not helpful to me at any point so deactivate it.

    • Maryann, You can deactivate if you don’t need it a anymore.

  3. plz deactivate my account i don’t what to use it again

  4. Abraham Ngumbao

    please deactivate me from this website

  5. Please delete my account out of this account.

  6. I want my account to be deleted please. I am already engaged

    • Kevin,
      Okay just follow the steps, outline to delete your HitWe Account.

  7. i want to terminate my account

  8. Please delete my account I don’t know how Iandend on the page pls.

  9. But why is it that my account can’t be deleted.?

  10. I need to delete my hitwe account urgent

    • Yayah,

      Follow the steps as outlined in the steps to delete hitwe account above.

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