What Makes A Relationship Work For Singles And Married

It is a question and answer in one phrase, What Makes A Relationship Work… This should be a question to everyone intending to date or enter a relationship should ask before venturing into it.

It is something awesome to have a beauty to behold and a companion to confide in always. This simply means you have accepted such individual as part of your frame of life. Hence, should be willing to overlook the imperfection of the individual.

However, the feelings we have will always make us feel we have made the right choices at the initial time. But when the turbulent time of emotional surge dies, we tend to feel lazy . That is not meant to be so, the problem is that we never carefully observed the possible outcome of our actions. Relationships require a lot of pro-activeness and conscious effort to be together with your partner.

Meanwhile, It is really fun to be in love, to have somebody to call yours. Most of the times we believe that the euphoria of falling in love will last forever, that’s a lie. The kisses, Hugs, curdles, romance and so on are not what makes a relationship work.

Research have shown that most people get into wrong relationship because they think love is all they need to date or marry. But the truth remains that does feelings don’t last except you consciously work to make it work out with your partner.

Moreover, I would like to let you know that every relationship has theĀ  good and the bad sides. We should not allow the reality of that to shock us. Bear in mind that they would be jealousy, fights, insecurity and disagreements. And we should jump into a committed relationship if you are not sure you love that person. Don’t be committed if you can get that commitment from the other partner. This is because presumption is the mother of heart break!


To every relationship that worked there was proper grooming and planning.

  • Relationships requires patience, gentleness, understanding and thoughtfulness.
  • Show care and love as it was when you first met.
  • Don’t pick out only the mistake, encourage your partner for the effort made.
  • Apologize when you go wrong and renew your promise to love and do better.
  • Ask for what you want and air your views, do not presume anything, Presumption is the mother of break up.

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