Uc Browser Download For Android | iOS | Windows

UC Browser is one of the most used mobile browser. UC mobile browser is developed by Ucweb  a Chinese Internet based Company. This article will expose you to all you need to know about UC Browser review and UC Browser Download.

Meanwhile, UC Browser was launched as a J2ME-only application in April 2004. UC Browser is compatible with Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phones, Java and Symbian.

In addition, UC Browser is considered to be the second most used mobile browser. It have an overwhelming users in China, India Pakistan, Indonesia and other fast emerging regional markets.

Moreover, UC Browser did not just become the best browser with just a fluke. There are features that may it stand out among every other browser.


  • UDisk features of UC Browser provides an amazing storage capacity. UDisk supports storage of files on cloud. To access this you have to sign up UC Browser account. It also offers 6GB to store downloads directly on UDisk.
  • With UC Browsers Wi-Fi sharing features you can share downloaded file over a Wi-Fi network.
  • Yes perhaps this should be one of the best feature of UC Browser. It supports background download even after closing the tab or application.
  • Meanwhile, UC Browser allows you to change the skin of your browser to your taste from UC Theme center.
  • Optimized preloading of pages is another feature of UC browser which makes its usage easier.
  • It supports Hindi writing.
  • It is an ads free browser, which makes surfing faster and easier.
  • It also has a swift auto-resume interrupted downloads.
  • In addition, UC Browser is considered to be the most supporting browser for social media like Facebook and Twitter.


To download UC Browser is very easy just follow the laid down procedure below:

Visit www.ucweb.com.

Click the image representing the O.S that is compatible with your device.

Click Download Or Save.

Launch your web browser after download and enjoy.

Meanwhile, for questions and contributions on Uc Browser Download For Android | iOS | Windows use the comment box.