How to Setup Netflix on Magnavox Blu-ray player –

How to Setup Netflix on Magnavox Blu-ray player -

Netflix has brought a new revolution in the internet atmosphere of video streaming. With your Netflix account, you can connect to uninterrupted video streaming anytime, anywhere. You can setup Netflix On Magnavox Blu-ray player, as well as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, and other supported Blu-ray device player.

Meanwhile, I beg to show you just how you can setup or connect your Netflix account on your Magnavox 5130 series Blu-ray enabled disk player. It has a high quality built-in-wireless supported connection which makes it easier to stream videos from Netflix and similar platform like Vudu.

I have heard many times people got worried on connecting their Magnavox to Netflix, so I came up with a simpler way to help you do that. I hope to answer your question –how do I setup Netflix on my Magnavox Blu-ray player? You need just an internet connection and valid Netflix Account.

How to setup Netflix on Magnavox Blu-ray player

Create a Netflix Account

The first to connecting your Magnavox device to Netflix is that you must a registered Netflix account as well as active membership on

You can register Netflix right away with this simple steps to Netflix Sign Up. And makes sure you choose the streaming services compatible with your Magnavox Blu-ray player.

Good Internet Connection

For successful setup of Netflix on Magnavox Blu-ray player, the device has to be connected to the internet either through wired or wireless internet connection medium.

Meanwhile, if you are using the wired connection, plug Ethernet cable to the specified Ethernet port on the back of your Blu-ray player and router.

However, if it is a wireless connection that you want to use, just press the button for “Menu”. And then choose “Network selection”. After that select “Wireless”, then proceed to choose “Wireless Router” option >>>”Find Wireless Network”.

Immediately your device picks an internet connection within it. And it will connect after you must have put the Passwords or Security keys assigned to the Network selected.

Get Netflix Activation Code

  • On your device, select “Netflix” from your Blu-ray player’s main menu.
  • Then press the “Green” button as the Netflix home screen loads.
  • Select “Agree” and press “OK” on “Network Service Disclaimer” screen.
  • Now, your device will be connected to the internet, choose “Yes to activate instant streaming from Netflix”, thereafter, press OK.
  • Meanwhile, an activation screen will appear with a code. Now, log on your it on your computer and Blu-ray player.

Hope you find this helpful? Feel free to use the comment box below for your questions and contributions on How to Setup Netflix on Magnavox Blu-ray player –