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First of all before I start off with Online Hookup tips I would  intimate you on what hookup means. Many have used hookup in different context that few really have a certain meaning of Hookup.

Moreover, hookup seems to be more popular among teens who have many meanings attached to it. So, in a bit to stare clear any confusion that people had about hookup, we will explore all available definitions.


  • Regular Dating – Many people described hookup as the traditional dating which a boy and girl engage in steady relationship. And perhaps this what I mean when I use the word Hookup.
  • Casual Dating – This is a when boy and girl just go out just as friends to know each other more without intending intimate or romantic affair.
  • Starting Relationship – Also, hookup mean to start a relationship. It might be casual or deep relationship. This most means that the person is in a somewhat romantic relationship.
  • Physical Intimacy – is also referred to as hookup. This involves mere physical romantic affairs and do not go beyond kisses, curdle and so on.
  • Casual Outings or Hangouts – sometimes we go with friends to catch fun together , this also can be called hookup.


  • Use a nice profile picture preferably an outdoor picture, because research has proved that pictures taken outdoor receives more responses than the ones snapped indoor.
  • Try to upload your solo pictures snapped in full as against group picture and selfies.
  • Try to appear normal upload your photos on casual wears sometimes.
  • Learn to appear with smiles it is welcoming and friendly.
  • Be honest with the information provided on your profile whether married, divorced, with kids  or not.
  • Be well informed with trending discussion slang and abbreviations to enhance conversation.
  • Be ready to spare some night sleep to catch up hookups online, most girls prefer late night chatting.

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