MTN Project Fame 9 Contestants Nominations – How To Vote

MTN Project Fame Season 9 Contestants Nominations and Eliminations Show of the weekend was the most thrilling so far, from the unexpected proposal of Joseph Benjamin to the unusual reinstatement of Winner and subsequent elimination of Solomon.

The Nomination Night witnessed a the awesome performance of African contemporary hit songs by the contestants. In addition the sensation of the nomination night was heightened by the collaboration of Harrysong with  Monica and Geoffrey who were the winners of MTN Project Fame Season 7 and Season 4 respectively.

However, not withstanding the undeniable improvement of the contestants the judges placed all of the contestants  on probation. Hence, the game have seriously shifted to the audience and fans to decide who would be eliminated and who would be nominated into the next stage.

Consequently the decisions of the judges have made it so important for all to put in more effort to ensure that his or her favorite contestant do not face elimination or eviction. So, below are the unique voting processes which you can use to vote any of your favorite MTN Project Fame Season 9 Contestants.

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Mtn project fame season 9 contestants


Basically there are just three ways of voting your favorite contestants.

1. SMS
2. GOOGLE using Google Chrome and Google Search App.

1. Vote using SMS :

  • all you need to do is send your favorite contestant voting number to 306 if you are in Nigeria and Liberia. And if you are Ghana just send your favorite contestant voting number to 1745.
  • The voting line is open during the week from Saturday 4:00PM to 3:00PM Friday of the week that follows thereafter.
  • Voting through SMS has no limit as far as it is within voting period.

 2.  Vote using Google :

  • Log onto
  • Login your Google account.
  • Enter any of the folowing keywords to see voting tabs: “Project fame, Project fame voting, Project Fame Vote, Project fame west africa, Project fame west africa vote, Project fame west africa voting”.
  • Just click to Vote for your favorite contestant.
  • Each account can vote only six times maximum per day.
  • And can vote from any location across the world.

3. Vote using MTN Project Fame website.

  • Click on Videos and select “On Probation this week” to watch contestants performance before proceeding to vote.
  • To vote just click on vote.
  • Voting is  allowed only six times per account daily.

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