1. My son has been incarcerated since November 1977 he is serving 33-to life for killing of A man that tried to abuse him as a Child. He is currently located at Warren Correctional in Lebanon, Ohio he just turned 40 on March 11,2017 he was just 15
    When this terrible crime occurred. He is a very good kid or man as he is now and has always been. Please can anyone help me try and get my son home can’t believe he is now a 40 year old man with all his childhood gone and spent living behind bars and being beaten up by gang members. I’m getting older and I need my son home with me. I heard some states are trying to help some inmates that were sentenced as a juvenile might be able to get paroled if they were given a life sentence and his is 33to life. Thank you all for any help you can give us. His name is Daniel Donnell Tomblin birth date march11 1977.he has been locked up for over 20years, his whole young life. Help give a young man his life back for saving so many other young boys from suffering the same form of abuse from a very sick man that can never harm another child or young man again. May God bless us all. Amen

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