Imo App Download For Android, iOS, PC |

Yes for some time now, I have being receiving invites from friends for Imo App Download. But I decided to give a try, and guess what I couldn’t go a day now with using my Imo App!

Meanwhile, Imo is just an awesome chat app. It allows its users to send instant messages online. It supports text, video, audio, and images messages. it also has a lot of Sticker for an amazing chatting experience.

However, Imo app is currently supported as a third party messaging platform. Currently, supported by Google Talk, Facebook, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MySpace and Skype. To be able to Sign Up Imo you have to be registered on any this social network listed above.

Moreover, it is worthy to note that Imo is not any app you should ignore its usage. This Imo have gone universal n usage and I bet you don’t want to miss out its intriguing feature. I will only give you a glimpse of what Imo features are like.


  • Imo usage is totally free.
  • You can send unlimited voice, video and text messages over 2G, 3G, 4G or with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Imo¬† allows users create chat groups for friends, colleague and family.
  • Imo can be used to share photos and videos
  • With about hundreds of stickers available, chatting with Imo is unimaginable fun.
  • It saves you from the regular SMS and calls charges.
  • Make High quality video and audio calls.
  • It also allows encrypted chats and calls.

WOW! As wonderful as these features are, it is better experienced than explained. So, I will be showing you how you can actually download Imo App for free, no hidden charges.


Feel free to download Imo App from Google Play store and Apple Store for Android and iPhone respectively.

However you can Click Here to download Imo straight away for Android, iPhone, Blacberry and Windows users. Laptop and PCs inclusive.