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IM Plus (IM+ Plus) is a social networking app which is a cross-platform that supports various social media. IM Plus is owned and founded by SHAPE in 2002. It is an all in one social media app, users connect to different social media with just one IM Plus account. However, to enjoy this services you must carryout IM Plus download in order to have the app first.

IM Plus supports multiple services both rare and popular, local and international. It allows users connect to Facebook, Twitter, Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo and so on.

Meanwhile, IM Plus is quite unique when compared with other social media platform. It is a complete AIO – All In One Messenger app. Also, IM Plus has being considered to be the best messaging app in  the world with the largest array of amazing emoticons.


  • IM Plus is very easy to use.
  • Requires no sign up or account creating, however to enjoy premium services like ALL-IN-ONE LOGIN and CHATTING HISTORY you need to register an IM+ account on
  • Available in all devices including Android, iOS, Window Mobile, Blackberry, Java and Symbian.
  • Also, IM Plus Web Messenger users can connect and chat with contacts on multiple platforms.
  • It supports simultaneous login of distinct social media accounts.
  • Allows users send and receive instant messages.
  • It also supports group chatting.
  • IM+ also allows users to know when the person they are chatting with is typing via Typing notification.
  • Offer In-app-purchase of P2P encrypted messaging and beep.
  • IM Plus users can create free geo and personal status.


To download IM Plus or IM+ as it is sometimes written you don’t need a sign up of any sort.

  • To download IM Plus app click Here

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