How to Switch from an Android to an iPhone

How to Switch from an Android to an iPhone

Are you intending to drop your Android phone for iPhone? Here is how to switch from an android to an iPhone without stress or losss of valuable data.

It might be easier to switch from android to iPhone 6 but for another version of iOS like 7 and 7 plus you will need to be cautious to ensure that your device is compatible.

So, Apple’s application is supported in iOS 9, compatible with iPhones running on OS or later versions. Hence, iPhones that are compatible include iPhone 5 and upwards, while iPads are from the fourth generation. Then on iPad minis, its is from the second generation with the sixth generation of iPod touch.

On the other hand, Android compatible with Apple’s app is from version 4.0 of Andriod or its later versions. Meanwhile, you are aware that Apple does not make Google apps, so I advise you back up your data using Google Drive storage which also has Google suite.

Before you proceed to switch from Android to iPhone, check this first!

  • Make sure you have the “Move to iOS” app installed on your device. It will access a device that is in factory or default settings.
  • After that, ensure that both iOS and Android devices are connected to a strong Wi-Fi, and as well plugged in a reliable power supply.
  • Clean up the memory space of your device, be sure it is not congested with unnecessary apps.

how to switch from an android to an iPhone

  • Get your iOS device ready, when you go to apps and Data screen you will see an option to Move Data from Android. Download Move to iOS from Google Play.
  • Then on your Android device, tap the Move to iOS, go through the terms and conditions. You will see on the screen for “Find Your Code” click on “Next”.
  • To get your code, head back to your iOS device. Click on the continue link on the “Move from Android” screen. Your code will be displayed on the screen as below.

How to Switch from an Android to an iPhone

  • Enter the code on your Android device from your iPhone or iPad to continue with setup.
  • Once the code entered, a “Transfer Data Screen” will appear. It allows you select the content to transfer. These contents include contacts, message history, photos, videos, web bookmarks, calendars and email accounts.
  • It will take a while to transfer your contents, so just chill and do nothing on the device until it completes.
  • Thereafter, the progress bar finishes on your iPhone or iPad, tap “Done” on your Android and then “Continue” on an iOS device to completely setup your phone.

Hope you found this helpful? Feel free to use the comment box below for your questions and contributions on How to Switch from an Android to an iPhone.