Top Healthy Marriage Guidelines For Couples And Singles

Healthy Marriage Guidelines is meant to be a counseling for singles, Couples and intending couples. Moreover, you will agree with me is a very crucial matter as regards the 21st century society. Research have proven that the family  is the microcosm unit of the growth and development of  every society.

In this article we will be dealing with the rudiments of marital relationship. This topic is very important in our society today because marriage and relationships are the pillars of society. Many  view marriage as a dungeon with milk, honey and bitter experience, of which the choice leaves you at dilemma.

Meanwhile, marriage is a popular status  of companionship and emotional necessity. Marriage comes with pressure that if couples are do not plan and work on their relationship the marriage might crash. Marital relationship issues are very vital because it helps couple to discover that marriage is progressive when there is understanding. Marriage is a long-term commitment to love and care for your partners physical, emotional and social needs.

Married couples should be able to develop means to spice up their marital relationship but hardly know the way out. So, before you jump into marriage make sure the following are well checked.


  • MATURITY – there is a saying that marriage is not for children, this means it is for mature adults who are really willing backed up legally to do so. Maturity in this sense goes beyond age and social status. It deals with emotional maturity which the ability to provide emotional needs of your spouse like showing care and love as as conjugal duties. Financial maturity can be referred to as financially independent of utmost importance, if you don’t have reliable source of income don’t think of getting married because marriage goes beyond feeling and romance.
  • SATISFYING NEEDS – check before marriage proper if you are ready to pair up and see your partner or spouse as a companion whom you would be needing vise-versa to render some demands for you.
  • COMMITMENT AND HONESTY – Commitment and honesty is very vital intending couples should never joke with that. Commitment and honesty is what nurtures trust and when there is no trust relationships are bond to crash.
  • ADMIRATION AND RESPECT – admiration and respect is what every human being crave for and when it is not given may resort to break down emotionally.
  • INTIMACY- thus very vital and intending couples should never take it for granted to check how they connect intimately before they proceed with marriage.
  • CONFLICT RESOLUTION – Once there a misunderstanding feel free to apologize and make peace with your spouse immediately.


We crave for that life partner who would always be there for us, however the case is always different. When marriage is at its initial stage everything seems perfect until the kids and bills start comings, chores and schedule increase. So, if you are married and the vigor of the initial time is dead, don’t bury it yet follow this healthy Marriage guidelines to bring back the spark!

  • Change Schedule and Routine from time to time. Try out something new in your marriage. a surprise tourist tour is not a bad a idea.
  • From time to time try out funny plays with your partner as you did while dating.
  • Admiration and respect.
  • Identify what your partner’s engagements are like and see if you can assist.
  • Put away every distraction when spending time together, listen and understand your spouse.
  • Don’t break the communication, stay connected always.

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