Google Duo App Available – Download Google Duo App For Android, iOS, Windows

Google Duo app is a video chat mobile app developed by Google. Google Duo app was officially released in United States on August 16, 2016 after its initial announcement at Google I/O on May 18, 2016.

Meanwhile, Duo app was released at the same time with Allo and instant messaging app. However, Duo video chat app stood out as the number free app on Google Play. Duo is such an awesome video chat app that supports one-on-one video conversation. This app is solely designed to be the best video chat app for smartphones.


  • Duo supports HD 720p Video.
  • Google Duo app optimized for low bandwidth mobile networks, so you will not be out of service easily.
  • Enjoy Duo’s “Knock Knock” features which works only on Android devices, show a live preview of the caller before the recipient will pick the call, this feature according to Google was included to make call more of an invitation rather than an interruption.
  • Duo video app ensures end-to-end encryption of all files by default.
  • Also, available Google assistant support always.
  • Supports the use of phone number to allow users to easily call people from their contact list.
  • Automatically switch between WiFi and Mobile data.

Moreover, Duo is only available for Android phones and iPhone, which supports the earlier claim that it is the best video chat app for smartphones. It requires Sign Up and the app verifies your phone number, thereafter sends a confirmation text; that’s all. So start using duo video chat app as it is directly connected to your contact lists and phone number.


  • Logon to
  • At homepage, you will see Android and iOS badge indicating download.
  • Click on the badge, download directly from Google Play and iTunes.
  • After download, install and launch the app.
  • Sign up and verify phone number.
  • Start enjoying the new aura of video chat.

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