Flickr App Download For Android | iPhone

Flickr App am aware you might have heard about it either from friends or colleague. Moreover, this article will guide you on the process of Flickr App Download For Android | iPhone. Meanwhile, apart from the guide will intimate you more on Flickr features Flickr app is the official app of Flickr website which is a photo-sharing and hosting services.

Flickr app allows account and contact management as well as photo synchronization, all in your Smartphone instead of the website. It wouldn’t be out of place if you are wondering why you should download Flickr App if you can still access it via web.


  • Flickr App allows you edit, organize, access and upload your pictures from anywhere in the world easily.
  • Flickr App supports auto update of all photos and videos.
  • Flickr App as in the website still allows you make of your 1000GB storage space.
  • Offers Cloud upload of pictures and free your device storage memory.
  • Edit photos with multiple filters provided in the camera and as revert the picture to the original as you may wish.
  • Interact with friends and make new ones and engage with Flickr community online with millions of users with more than billion photos uploaded.


  • Visit, Flickr’s official website to download App.
  • Select the app for your device at the home page.
  • Proceed to download Flickr App for Android and Other device
  • OR Flickr App can be downloaded on Google Play Store and iTunes for Android ans iPhone respectively.
  • Click Here to download Flickr App for Android from Google Play store
  • Click Here to download Flickr App for iPhone from iTunes.

Meanwhile, note that Flickr may require you to log in or sign up if you have not registered. So Click Here for more information on Flickr Sign Up.

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