Facebook Moments App Download For Android And iOS

Facebook moments app is an app from the stable of Facebook. Moment was launched in June 2015 to replace the traditional auto sync photos. Meanwhile, for some time Facebook Moments app download has increased.

However, so many people checked for their synced photos on Facebook, when it was not found concluded the it has gone forever.

Moreover, that is not true, in few minutes I will introduce you to an advanced photo syncing app – Moments. After downloading the app you will be able to save all your photos safely.

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So, with Moments app you don’t have to worry on how you can save your events photos with friends and family. Also, for those who used the Facebook Photo syncing once they download the Facebook Moments they would be able to recover all their photos.


  • Moment helps you organize your pictures and videos in one place privately.
  • With its sharing features you don’t have waste time sharing photos individually.
  • You can also search to discover picture you are in, place or event.
  • Videos and images sent to you by your friends can be stored in your phone’s camera roll.
  • You can also share your synced photos to your Facebook timeline as you wish.
  • Moreover, Facebook Moments is just awesome it requires no subscription to use and access.


Personally, I have enjoyed Facebook photo sync features but Facebook Moments is the best experience I have ever had in handling my photos privately. So, why not give it a try?

To download Facebook Moments is a simple process. For Android and iOS users then can download Facebook Moments via Google Play Store and Apple Store respectively just with a click.

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