Download Facebook Messenger For Android |iOS| Windows

Facebook Messenger is the official Facebook Mobile App which allows instant messaging. It is convenient as any conversation you did on Facebook Messenger is also linked to your Facebook web. So, this simply means if you don’t want to be checking newsfeed or be distracted while chatting then you will have to Download Facebook Messenger.

Moreover, Facebook Messenger works perfectly well like every other instant messaging app, it is just like free texting. It allows user to send and receive messages in forms of text, photos, and free voice messages.

Facebook brought out this app and has continued to improve its features such that it has received wide usage.


  • Receive free text messages from phone to phone as normal SMS.
  • Beautified stickers which size brings instant messaging  to you more lively.
  • Features DropBox which users use to send message directly from their phone.
  • Allows users embed Spotify songs in their Facebook conversation or chat.
  • Provides Doodle Draw which is the first game exclusively available on Facebook Messenger.
  • Facebook Messenger with all this features is totally free to download.
  • Facebook Messenger is available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones users.
  • You can add up your friends from your contact list on mobile and start chatting with them even when they are not your friends on Facebook.


To download Facebook Messenger is  a do it yourself process, so you just have be observant as I take you through the processes.

In fact there is no process at all just visit Google Play for Andriod devices and Itunes for iOS devices. Or

Click Here To Download Facebook Messenger For Android.

Click Here To Download Facebook Messenger For iOS or iPhone.

Click Here to Download Facebook Mesenger For Windows.

Please note that for you to be able to enjoy this service to its fullest you will have to Sign Up Facebook Account.

Meanwhile, for your questions and contributions on Download Facebook Messenger For Android |iOS| Windows you can make use of the comment box we will attend to you immediately.