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Digg Registration is just one step to joining the best news website that collects related  or peculiar items and displays, connects or links to them. It collects this information from various online sources and then publish them. Digg news aggregator has a front page which pulls together and select for presentation website contents specifically for the internet audience such as science, political trends and other viral internet issues.

Meanwhile, in its present form was created on July 31, 2012, enabled to connect and share content to other social media platform such as Twitter and Facebook. Moreover, before now Digg was just a poplar new website site which allows its users to vote web content up or down labelled digging and burying respectively. It is a social media for keeping update on all relevant and vital news.

In addition, Digg has enabled its users to connect easily on different devices by the launch on its web, Android and iOS applications launched in 2013. At the meantime only Reddit is its closest match however, Digg is still the favorite platform for following popular trends and topic online.


  • Digg registration is free, no subscription required.
  • Follow latest trends as it unfolds.
  • You can connect to Digg from any platform whether the web, iOS, Android device and other Digg edition.
  • Digg also supports submission of links and and web contents, this is great opportunity for bloggers to promote their content.
  • With Digg you are supplied with unlimited important stories, videos, and any other type of media.
  • Recently introduced ‘Digg Dialog’ a live interaction and conversation with authors on their top stories.
  • Best website for most interesting viral videos and animations and short films is Digg.
  • On Digg Search and Discover thousands of collected and organized web content labelled under topics like Technology, Long Reads, Space , Funny and Much more.
  • Offers users Digg Reader a simple, powerful tool used for following favorite blogs, authors and publishers.
  • With easy steps for saving¬† stories in Instapaper, Pocket or Readability.
  • Supports use by blind and visual impaired through VoiceOver feature.
  • Digg enables Dynamic type, Background App refresh and spotlight Search on Digg.
  • Enabled 3D Touch which allows users access Digg main parts from the home screen.


  • At the Home screen click on Sign in/Sign up at the top right side of the screen.
  • Connect with either your Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
  • Join other millions of Diggers to explore new information around the world with just clicks!

However, for questions and contributions Digg Registration РDigg.com Login РDigg What is Trending Online use the comment box we reply immediately. Thanks.