Create An account skype login Details – Join Skype

Create An account skype login Details – Join Skype

Create An account skype loginSkype is a free online video chat application that is fun and convenient to use with your Microsoft account, a Facebook account, or a Skype account for login. Just like everyting has a process, so as Skype has layed down steps you have to follow to Create an account Skype login details.

How to get started with Skype? Create An Account Skype Login

It is quite easy to get started with Skype. All you need to do are :

  • Download Skype to your device.
  • Create a free account for Skype.
  • Sign in to Skype.

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Here is a guide on how to Sign up or create a new Skype account.

If you don’t have a Skype or Microsoft account

Open the Skype homepage Click on the “Join Us” button at the top-right corner of the page. This will take you to the “Create an account” page.

Select your login method either using Facebook, your existing Microsoft account, or you can create a new account just for Skype.

If you are logging in with a Microsoft or Facebook account, all you need is your login details for that account and you can start using Skype. If you are creating an account just for Skype, continue with the instructions below

Enter the required information like your first and last name, an email address, your country, and your language, your birthday, gender, city, and mobile phone number.

Indicate your Skype plan whether its for business or personal use. Even though it is optional, this information helps Skype determine how people use their services.

Enter a Skype name which is displayed to other users. This name will be public. You cannot change your Skype Name later, so if you don’t like what you selected you will have to Create An account skype login.

Input your password which should be strong since Skype will have your friends’ and family’s contact information, if your password is too weak, Skype will not let you use it.

Verify account login details through email

Choose whether to receive mail amd notifications from Skype as you will be offered to be sent messages about new products and special offers. Check or unchecked the box based on what you want.

Enter the CAPTCHA as a way of identifying that the account isn’t created by an automated program or robot. If you can’t read the CAPTCHA, you can click the Refresh button to get a new one, or simply click the Listen button for it to be read.

Read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and ensure that you are satisified with how Skype will use and not use your personal information. If you are satisfied, click the green “I agree – Continue” button at the bottom of the page.

Skype credits are used to place phone calls to mobile phones or landlines; calls to other Skype users are always free. So you can buy Skype credits for such as a page will be displayed for that.

How do I use skype microsoft account login?

If you already have a Microsoft account, but don’t have a Skype account follow this guide :

In the Skype name, email or mobile field, type in your Microsoft account email and click Sign In.

Enter your password and select the sign in.

You will be asked if you already have a Skype account. Select No and you will be taken through the process of setting up your new Skype account.

Hope you found this helpful? Feel free to use the comment box below for your questions and contributions on Create An account skype login.