How to Change Language on Netflix – Switch On Netflix Subtitles

Change Language on Netflix

Netflix is one the best streaming, in fact arguebly the giant of all online video streaming service provider. You cann easily access Netflix through your Phone, PC, or TV all at your convenience. If you don’t have account proceed to Create Netflix account. Hiwever, it is normal that Netflix language keeps changing but you can easily learn How to Change Language on Netflix easily to your preferred language.

Do this is very simple, once you know where is settings on Netflix, the remaining procedures to be followed to Change Language on Netflix will be outline one after another. It will interest you that with this steps you can actually change Netflix subtitles languages by mere Search Netflix by audio language.

Even Netflix has its design simplified to be user-friendly, there are still some Netflix users who still find it very difficult to adjust Netflix settings to get full satisfaction on the platform. Hence, the essence of this post on How to Change Language on Netflix as well Subtitles.


How to Change Language on Netflix – Switch On Netflix Subtitles

  • Logon to Netflix.
  • Once you are logged in, choose the movie or TV show you wish to play.
  • Now, go to your option panel and select Audio and Subtitles.
  • Pick your prefferd language or subtitle options.
  • Thereafter, tap Back in order to return to the options panel.
  • After that you can Press Play, and your settings will reflect on the movie or Tv show you are watching.

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